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Hiosen midi excavators range from 6 ton to 23 ton, all models available. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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6 Ton Midi Excavator

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Attached Tools for Mini Excavator

HIOSEN breaking hammer

Breaking Hammer

When you need to break up the asphalt or concrete pavement, or some other hard surfaces, the excavator breaking hammer could help to finish the work with great impact of energy.

HIOSEN Drilling Auger

Drilling Auger

Powered by hydraulic circuits,equipped with spiral blade, the drilling auger  have the ability to reach over objects and drill deep holes. Augers come in different specifications and sizes for various digging conditions and terrains such as landscaping and construction for the consistent holes.


Buckets are the most standard attachments seen on excavators. Besides the common size installed on excavators, there has also some other options for different purpose. The width  could be 200mm, 250mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm,1000mm etc. with or without bucket teeth.

Besides, the tilt bucket is also optional for special works.

Hiosen Quick Hitch

Quick Hitch

Quick hitch is also called quick coupler, driven by mechinal or hydraulic power. Couplers allow you to quickly switch between tools and attachments without a crew when you need multi-tools on excavator. They can help maximize the versatility of your excavator and boost your team’s productivity

HIOSEN excavator Ripper


Rippers are another excellent attachment for tearing through tough materials. These durable tools can break up frozen ground or demolish structures.

More Attached Tools Available

There are more tools could be attached to excavators with different functions and different amounting dimensions.Such as:Rake, Grapple, Thumb etc. are all available. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Engineering Cases

Many people have the doubt, what can we do with such a midi excavator?

If you also have such question, then you are at the right place. We hereby summarize some typical application scenarios for your kind reference. Those engineering cases are acquired directly from our clients. Hope you can get to know what mini diggers can do and how they can help boost your work efficiency. For more information, you can subscribe our newsletter for the continuous updates.

Wanna Know More About Midi Excavators?

The compact size offers enhanced maneuverability in tight campuses or residential yards. Plus, easy routine maintenance makes it simple to achieve maximum uptime at peak performance, so the machine is ready to work at amy time.For residential and commercial utility projects, mini excavators offer more ways to complete the job, including breaking concrete, excavating, grading, trenching, picking and placing or compacting.

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Excavator Features:

The Most Concerned

How to purchase or import mini excavators from China? Perhaps our most concern is the price of the equipment. Please note that the final cost depends on the model you need,  customized service you require, the quantity of products, the package method and the distance of transpotation. Here we take the example of ordering model HX60.

1. Product cost-factory price

2. Package Cost

3. Land transportation cost to port

4. Port charges

5. Sea freight cost

6. Custom clearance cost

7. Land transportation to your place

Comprehensive Service

OEM Service

As the 10 years manufacturer, we are ready to customize for your special need, OEM service is always available.

Quality Service

We adopt high level strict test poclicy on each process, ensuring each product is of high quality and best performance.

Technical Guide

Whether you intend to purchase our mini excavator or have your own, we can always provide you the most professional suggestions.

After-sale Service

During your usage of our equipment, we will solve any problems when receive your feedback.

Package And Delivery

When it comes to packaging, we have to at first consider the ordering quantity. If only 1 or 2 sets, we usually put the excavator in the wooden box and fix it inside. If the quantity is big, we could load them into the container and fix them. Our experienced packing team could do it quite well.

HIOSEN packing and loading
HIOSEN loading in container
HIOSEN packing in container
HIOSEN loading in container
HIOSEN packing and loading
HIOSEN packing and loading

Tips on Package and Delivery

  1. Confirm ordering quantity so that we use wooden box or load into container.
  2. Make it clear how the quantity each container could load according to size of each model
  3. Decide how to transport according to our trade terms
  4. With the detailed address, deliver through custom to the right place

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