HX10 1 ton digger mini excavator


HIOSEN 1 ton digger mini excavator, we are the specialized leading manufacturers from China, especially the 1 Ton Digger Mini Excavator Machine. As the Mini Excavator  suppliers/factory, this is our wholesale high-quality products  , and will keep on the continued technical innovation.

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Product Details

1. Description:

HIOSEN 1 ton digger mini excavator is designed for small jobs, small projects, in the garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, or even used for digging the trench. The mini excavator comes with a single-cylinder engine, usually Koop or Changchai, quite easy to maintain. It is small enough and light enough to pass through narrow spaces easy to be moved with small trailers.

2. Parameter:

Model HX10
Bucket capacity 0.02m³
Engine power 8.6 KW
Climbing gradient 30°
Total length 2650 mm
Total width 940 mm
Total height 1330 mm
Platform turning radius 770 mm
Crawler length 1090 mm
Crawler width 180 mm
Maximum digging height 2490 mm
Maximum digging depth 1650 mm
Maximum dumping height 1750 mm
Maximum ground level digging reach 2400 mm
Minimum turning radius 1190 mm

 3. Application

Hiosen 1 ton mini digger comes with a range of buckets ranging from 200mm, 300mm, and 600mm wide, ideal for small trenching, landscaping, and excavation projects. Common applications include trenching for sewerage, electricity, and stormwater, ground levelling and safe movement of earthing and building blocks. This machine is safe and easy to use for any level of the operator.

hiosen mini excavator engineering cases

4. Attached tools

As the very small excavators, this 1 ton digger mini excavator could also be attached a variety of tools for all different tasks such as Drilling holes for tree planting, Breaking the small pavement with a breaking hammer etc. When you need the 1 ton mini digger for your small work, please contact us for the detailed attached tools.

HIOSEN mini digger attached tools


5. Package and Delivery

If you intend to import mini diggers from China, the package and delivery method have to be taken into consideration. Here is a brief tips on package.

  • If the ordering quantity is 1 or two sets, we can pack that within the exporting standard wooden box.
  • 20GP container could load 6 sets of HX10 small excavators inside.
  • 40HQ could load 24 sets without canopy mini diggers.
hx10 20 sets in one 40hq
hx10 20 sets in one 40hq

6. Purchase Tips

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You are warmly welcome to contact us with any questions regarding the mini excavators.

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