HX18 mini ex small digger excavator


HX18 mini ex small diggers offer ease of manoeuvrability which reduces damage to the machine, buildings, fences and other obstructions when working closely to them. It also allows operators to use machines in confined spaces or on roadsides with minimal traffic disruption.

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1. Description

HX18 mini ex small digger is kind of zero tail swing mini excavator(They may also be called reduced tail swing small digger). The most obvious feature is its compact size which makes it their  fit into small, cramped spaces where traditional excavators simply won’t. This kind of mini digger really shines when  the project is too large to do the work by hand and the working space is too small for most other mini excavators.

2. Technical Specification

1 Name Crawler Excavator
2 Model HX18
3 Bucket capacity 0.03m³
4 Engine Laidong 20KW/ Kubota 10.2Kw
5 Walking speed 2.5 Km/h
6 Rotation speed 10r/min
7 Total length 2550 mm
8 Total width 1100 mm
9 Total height 2280 mm
10 Crawler length 1300 mm
11 Crawler width 180 mm
12 Maximum digging height 2840 mm
13 Maximum dumping height 2200 mm
14 Maximum digging depth 1800 mm
15 Maximum digging radius 3400 mm
16 Minimum turning radius 1190 mm
17 Swing angle 360°
18 Climbing gradient 30°
19 Bulldozer maximum depth 175 mm
20 Bulldozer maximum raising height 325 mm

3. Applications

These machines are most useful for applications where space is confined and there is a need to operate the machine through minimum 90 degree arcs. They may also be beneficial in civil construction applications where space is limited due to pedestrians or traffic. If you are looking for a machine that works well in tight spaces and offers more lift capacity  than a zero- tail swing, then this digger might be the right choice for you. As with the zero tail swing, properly matched attachments in size and weight are important items to consider.

HIOSEN mini digger attached tools


4. Package and Delivery

If you intend to import mini diggers from China, the package and delivery method have to be taken into consideration. Here is a brief tips on package.

  • If ordering quantity is 1 or two sets, we can pack that within the exporting standard wooden box.
  • 20GP container could load 6 sets HX15 small excavators inside.
  • 40HQ could load 24 sets without canoy mini diggers.hiosen package and delivery

5. Purchase Tips

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