WZ20-28 tractor loader backhoe excavator

  1. Big enough cab space, arc safety glass, spacious and bright.
  2. The large double-end busy loader adopts the high quality hydraulic components, excavating and loading realize mutual supply of hydraulic power.
  3. Adjustable seat, convenient and comfortable to use.
  4. Front and rear articulated frame, small turning radius, hydraulic steering, simple operation, convenient and fast.
  5. Hydraulic walking and excavating motor arm translation, expanding the excavation range.
  6. the machine performance is superior, with extraordinary operating efficiency.
  7. Various accessories can be selected to meet the needs of different users.

Additional information






6200*1960*2800 mm

Engine power



WZ20-28 tractor loader backhoe excavator can tackle landscaping jobs of all sizes and types, such as planting trees and moving them to new locations. They can also beput to work moving boulders, rocks, and gravel, or moving dirt and pushing topsoil into place. Backhoe excavators are also great for digging fence post holes or minor excavation jobs, such as digging small ponds and water features. They can even be used to dig trenches for irrigation lines to keep the landscape watered and healthy all year round.

Technical Specification of WZ20-28 tractor loader backhoe excavator

Overall Dimension Dimension 6200*1960*2800 mm
Tread 1580 mm
Wheel base 2550 mm
Minimum clearance to ground 290 mm


System pressure 18 Mpa
Machine weight 5400 Kg
Maximum walking speed 28 Km/h
Maximum climbing gradient 25°
Minimum turning radius 4500 mm
Rated load 2500 KG

Digging parameter

Maximum digging depth 2600 mm
Digging dumping height 2300 mm
Maximum digging radius 4600 mm
Maximum digging height 4300 mm
Maximum digging force 28 Kn
Digging bucket capacity 0.3 cbm
Digging bucket width 400 mm
Turning angle 180°
Loading parameter Maximum dumping height 3500 mm
Maximum dumping reach 900 mm
Loading bucket capacity 1 cbm
Loading bucket width 2100 mm
Maximum loading height 4300 mm
Maximum force 42Kn
Engine Brand Yunnei
Type Turbo charged, 4-stroke
Rated power 76 KW
Rated speed 2400 r/min
Transmission Hydraulic torque converter ZL29A
Steer system Hydraulic articulated steering
Tire 16/70-20


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