How and why Mini Excavators become today’s choice

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Demand for Mini and Compact Excavator has been increased in this modern era due to its small size but having big duty as compared to the heavy equipment. The introduction of Micro Excavators in the construction field proved as a revolution due to it reducing operating costs and delivering measurable values. They have excellent business values, high performance, and reliability.

“Steam Shovel” is the first Mini excavator which was introduced by William Otis. The first use of Steam Shovel is travel on the railway track and move up to 300 cubic yards of equipment in the same day and also used for building and digging. Later on, W.G. Armstrong & Co invented the Hydraulic Excavator which laid the basis of the first Mini Excavator (YNB300).

These days market of Mini and Compact Excavators introduced different types of Excavators like Mini Ex, Small Excavator, Mini Digger, Mini Hoe, micro digger, and Compact Excavator. The role of the Mini Excavator is distinguished as it is not only a Smaller, Lighter machine but also beneficial for busy or compact sites.

Mini Excavators vs. Standard Excavators

Differences between Mini and Standard Excavators depend upon the work capacity and nature of the job. Mini Excavators reduced damage and track marks due to their small size and lightweight. The small volume of micro Excavators as compared to Standard Excavators depicts easier work in crowded areas and easily park and transport them between sites.

The capabilities are not only the same of “Mini-Excavator” to the large size Excavator but also have the notable benefit of working in small places.

Manufacturing of mini excavator

Here is a glimpse, how Mini Excavator and mini diggers are manufactured with the help of some important parts. A boom, dipper, and bucket are connected to a cab that is used for sitting and rotating. Mini Excavators can rotate fully 360, can operate weight under 4,535 kg, bucket sizes range from 12– 24 inches, and also fit more or fewer wheels according to the working length.

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Here are enlisted the main parts of mini excavators.

Cab: its rotation ability is approximately 360degree and actual is used for the operator’s sitting and controlling the machine.

Undercarriage: here is the track roller, gears, and motor which provide the moving ability on the surface.

House: It keeps the engine and fuel cylinders and is directly linked with the undercarriage.

Boom:  it’s a long-hinged extension that connects multiple attachments and enhances the work capacity.

Attachments: Trenching buckets, grading buckets, and rippers are all attachments that can easily fit on the boom.

Engine:  it gives energy and power to the machine and also provides help for the easy-going movement to the boom and the hydraulic tracks.

Tick: It connects the boom to the undercarriage due to its extensibility.

Advantages of Mini Excavators

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Mini Excavators are mostly used in small construction projects due to their capability of Material handling, Landscaping, Stump removal, Repairing sewer lines, Roadside applications, and Digging projects. Mini and Compact Excavator has versatile ability to attach multiple machinery parts like different bucket sizes.

Its functional versatility made them more popular for smaller jobs where lighter equipment is needed.

Easy to use

The operating system of the Small Excavator is much easier than the old one. Almost every ordinary person can operate this type of machinery and gets the benefits like as a skilled person. Its operating system is very easy and trainee-friendly that reduces training costs and time.

Easily face the Nooks and crannies

Micro and compact excavators and diggers can easily exercise into small places compared to full-size equipment. The easy availability and accessibility of this small type of machinery made it more beneficial for the people.

Export High Quality based products

Our company will provide high-quality products and the engine of our Excavators could satisfy Euro5 and EPA Tier4 emission standards. Our Excavator could have many options:  Engine brand could be Shanghai, Xinchai, Laidong, Kubota, Yammer, Koop Etc. High-quality engine and Open cabin or closed cabin, rubber or steel track, with AC/heating or no qualities of the products, made us unique and they can enter in the North American and Europe market. Our company accepts the customized product, so it provides the OEM service that means we can produce the excavator according to the client’s need.

Low Noise

Mini Excavator made less noise during crossing the cemented and hard areas. This advantage made them more useful for residential areas.

Less damaging

Small Excavators can move easily in tight areas, it needs a little effort to split anything for the smooth accommodation of all types of mini equipment. Mini Excavator produced less grinding or scraping the surface during working. Smaller machines are also helpful for carrying the transportation due to their rubber-fitted tracks.

 Fast delivery

Our company has fast and quick availability of Mini Excavators to its users based on only within 5 working days. The company will make sure it provides the best model of excavators and attachments to their users not only in the country but also in advanced countries such as the US, Canada, Europe, and South American. The company prefers large quantity orders/Bulk/distributors/ on wholesale bases.

Easily transported

The biggest concern of hiring equipment is the transportation from one place to another. The transport of heavy machinery takes more cost, time, and space due to its extra energy consumption and is also harder to move.

Mini equipment is easily moveable with the help of small trucks. Mini and Micro Diggers are easily moveable and eliminate the expensive logistics.

Functional versatility

Functions of Mini Excavators’ similar to Heavy Excavators and their small size don’t affect on its workability. The main and salient feature of the Mini excavators can move backward and forward at 360 degrees, so the operator doesn’t have to take re-position for the location adjustment of the excavator dump.

Micro Excavators have high workability in all sites. These machines move and transport easily on any work site as compared with large excavators. Mini excavators truly have the versatile ability for delivering multiple services using different attachments

Save money

Operators of Mini Excavators have not needed any special commercial driving training for operating and moving. Micro excavators and small diggers played extraordinarily beneficial and versatile and proved the best choice for your current projects.

Its small size and economical choice have them a significant advantage for their users. Mini Excavators deliver the same job and performance as large excavators and save money

Better access onsite

Micro excavators and small diggers can move easily in small spaces and also operate quickly. The traditional large excavators are unsuitable for small sites. Micro Excavators don’t dig up the extra surface and leave small footprints and reduce risks.

Salient Attachment Ability and Availability

All the basic tools are available and can be attached to our excavators. Such as Breaking hammer, Auger, Ripper, Rake, Quick Hitch, Grapple, Thumb, etc.

Uses of Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators and Mini Diggers are used for several tasks and the sheer number of attachments with the lighter frame made it unique and versatile. Here are some examples that show different jobs of construction that are perfect for using Small Excavators and Micro Diggers.

Hiosen mini digger application for drilling

Reconstruction of Sewer Lines

Micro Excavators prove a perfect option for the reconstruction of sewer lines than the full-size machine, such as a trencher. Here is also a reason for choosing the Small Excavator due to the lower price that larger one. It is must be noticed before using the Mini Excavator and Micro Digger noticed that the required depth is possible or reaches the machine excavator.

Putting and fixing Pools and Hot Tubs

Many people want to put a pool or large hot tub outside their homes and in front of the special buildings, in this context; there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the United States. The Mini Excavators installed them perfectly as compared to a larger digger.

Clearing the Snow

In the cold season, workers must clear the covered roads with snow. A special blade attachment of Small Excavators can clear the snow from roads easily and effortlessly. Mini Excavator can work more quickly due to its compact size and low weight.

Pulling down Small Structures

Mini excavators are best suitable for the pulling down and demolishing of small structures like sheds. It’s a quicker and good way to pull down the small buildings so they can work and move easily in small areas, as compared to hand-powered tools, which consume extra time and energy.

How much lifting ability of Mini Excavator?

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Most of the Diggers’ Excavators are used for lifting and removing barriers. In the case of wrack and wreck, the wastage volume of concrete is much higher than soil materials. Along with digging depth, lifting capacity is directly linked with the size of the excavator. Hydraulic capacity (maximum weight lift) and tipping capacity (the point where the load weight tip over) are two main factors that command the lifting capacity of the Mini Excavator.

 For the easy sight of the machine operator, lift charts and maintenance manuals are displayed on the machine cab or canopy during the manufacturing of the excavator. So the operators easily calculate the lifting objects according to the machine capacity. Lift capacities of Mini Excavator also depend upon the working on even surfaces and slopes.

Manufacturing companies should include machine specifications so the users decide the best equipment for lifting and digging needs. Safety is a major element that should be measured if any mishap occurred during lifting and digging the operator and nearby workers can save them.

How heavy is a Mini Excavator?

The weight is of Mini Excavators less than 6 tonnes. The rubber track of the different models further equally distributes the weight and this quality made them unique.

The greatest strength of this Mini Equipment is the lightweight construction that permits work on both types of surfaces (soft or fragile) without big damage. Moreover, the lightweight excavators are easily transported from one place to other with the help of pickup and truck.

Precautionary measures

Here are important precautions are taken by the users of mini excavators on how they correctly operate excavators.

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Having knowledge and training

Users and workers have much knowledge and training about the correct and precise usage of the mini equipment. Before operating the user must pay attention deeply to the usage detail of each attachment of the machine

Read the Manual carefully

A user must read thoroughly the manufacturer’s instruction guide before the operation. The user must follow the detailed steps and description for controlling and checking the warning labels that are displayed inside the cab for the easy sight of the worker. Also, check the coolant levels and the engine lubricant and make sure workers know the fire extinguisher to reduce the accident factor.

Test the machine

Before the precise operation, the worker tests the machine’s speed and work abilities. The worker also uses the seat belt for protecting the overturn and either a standard ignition or a digital keypad. A worker is always going to test a machine in a large and open area with a smooth and equal level surface.

Use the rotating cabin and how it responds and controls the machine according to their input keys. Most mini excavators are stable and equal level surfaces reduce the chance of overturning the machine.

Frequently asked questions about the mini excavators

 Here are some questions that are raised in the users’ minds before using the Micro excavators and Small Diggers.

Can I hire a Mini Excavator? Different types of excavators are available in the market and any person who has the need can buy and hire or rent for its multiple uses.

Do I need a license to use it? If mini equipment is used commercially then a valid license will be needed. In the case of private usage, no need for a license according to the Work Health & Safety Act, certification is no longer needed for excavator operators for private use.

How should we import mini excavators from other countries? You can check this link on how to import a mini excavator from Hiosen, one leading mini excavator manufacturing company from China.

How deep dig a Mini Digger? There are different types of Mini Diggers and their competency depends on their model like Takeuchi TB210R has a digging depth of 1.755 meters, and HIOSEN 2 ton could reach to 2.05meters. We HIOSEN has a multi-range of Mini and Micro Excavators for buying. Being a user can choose according to your need. Feel free to contact us to get your own one.


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