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So, if you are in the construction industry or like to work on your small farm with the right machinery, you must have heard about mini excavators. And not just any mini excavator but the mini excavators from China! Why? You might ask. Well, for some time now, there has been a buzz around excavators that don’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can get the job done just as well, or even better in some cases. They are called mini excavators.

While many construction workers or medium-scale farmers have heard about the incredible mini excavators from China, not many people know the process of shipping mini excavators from China to the United States, Europe, or some other areas. This article serves as a mini-guide on how to ship mini excavators from China to the United States and Europe successfully.

Continue reading to find out the steps and techniques that ensure the successful importation of mini excavators from China.

Province in China That Manufacture Mini Excavators

China mini excavator technology expand

While this article is focused on how to import mini diggers from China, it is noteworthy to know that the steps listed in this article works for any kind of machinery and can be applied to a wide range of machine importations.

The first thing to know when considering importing mini excavators from China is the province from which you are going to import from. This helps to narrow down your search as certain provinces are known for manufacturing certain kinds of machinery.

Below are some of the provinces and cities that serve as the top manufacturers of machinery in China:

  • Dongguan, Guangdong
  • Tai’an, Shandong
  • Qingdao, Shandong
  • Xuzhou, Jiangsu
  • Shenyang, Liaoning
  • Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Kunshan, Jiangsu
  • Wenzhou, Zhejiang
  • Shanghai, Shanghai
  • Jinan, Shandong

Note: These are not the only provinces and cities in China that manufacture mini excavators. However, these are some of the top manufacturers of the heavy, medium, and lightweight machines in China.

Hiosen is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic excavators in China. Hiosen can be found in Tai’an City of Shandong Province.

Things You Should Know Before Shipping Mini Diggers from China

  • Possible Government Regulations
  • Documents Required for the importation of Machinery
  • Customs Bond for Importing Machinery

Possible Government Regulations

Depending on the government regulations surrounding the importation of mini excavators or any other form of machinery, you might be required to provide extra documentation and your goods might go through an extra inspection by certain government bodies.

Tractors and mini excavators, for instance, are subject to regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. A Licensed Customs Broker can help you navigate the government regulations surrounding the importation of machinery in your country.

Documents Required for the importation of Machinery

To import mini diggers from China, several documents need to be provided. There are four documents that anyone looking to import machinery from China or any part of the world must possess. They are:

  • Arrival of Notice: A shipping agent can help you with preparing an arrival notice. This arrival notice is passed on to the consignee or recipient (you). The arrival notice is a document that let the importer of machinery or any other good that it has made it to its destination.

An arrival notice also includes information like pickup charges, the number of cargo units transported, and what is included in each unit.

  • Bill of Lading: The bill of lading is a document sent out by the carrier to the agent, captain, or owner of the goods. This document serves as a promise of payment. It also provides information on the destination of the item, the form of transportation, and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Packing List: It is the Shipper or freight forwarder that sends out a packing list. A packing list contains all the information on the invoice of an imported product and more. A CBP offer reviews a packing list and the invoice before a good is cleared for shipping.
  • Commercial Invoice: An invoice is an essential part of any purchase. For the importation of mini excavators from China, ensure that your invoice contains the following information:
    • The shipping address
    • The name and location of the manufacturing company
    • The recipient’s name and location
    • The business address
    • The country of origin
    • The value of the machinery
    • The description of the item (mini excavator)

Customs Bond for Importing Machinery

When importing machinery from China, you need a customs bond. There are two types of customs bonds depending on how often you intend to import mini diggers from China; continuous bonds and single-entry bonds.

Customs bonds work like insurance policies that promise that the customs duty and other fees associated with the imported machinery will be paid.

  • Single-Entry Bonds: This type of customs bond is appropriate for importing single, low-cost, low-risk machinery through a specific port of entry. A new single-entry bond must be obtained for every new item imported.
  • Continuous Bonds: This type of customs bond is suitable for anyone that imports or plans to import machinery and other goods more than 4 times a year. Also, if your import is a high-risk or high-value product like a mini excavator, then a continuous bond is what you need. With a continuous bond, you can import goods as many times as you need in a year, also, it allows you to import through any point of entry in the United States.

You can obtain a continuous bond through USA Customs Clearance.

How to Import Mini Excavators from China into The United States

  • Write out the Technical Specifications of the mini excavator
  • Ensure that it passes the safety standards of your country
  • Obtain a test report
  • Determine if you would use warranties and part replacements
  • Ensure that quality control and testing is carried out
  • Carry on with shipment

Understanding the Import Duty on Machinery from China

Import duty is the tax paid on items shipped to another country like China in this case to another country like the United States. This tariff is paid at the time of import by the importer of the goods (you). The importer record is usually the person buying the goods or the customs broker working on the behalf of the purchaser, it depends on the agreement entered by the purchasing parties.

The import duty on a mini excavator from China can be calculated using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS). The HTS is a global system used by the World Trade Organization to determine duties of all kinds.

As a form of reference, the import duty on goods imported from China ranges from 3% to 25%. If you work with a Licensed Customs Broker, then he/she will help you determine the import duty on your mini excavator.

Working with a Customs Broker Instead

For many individuals looking to import tractors and mini excavators from China, the best thing will be to work with a licensed Customs Broker as he/she can help find the best ways to navigate the entire importation process. It is beneficial to know that USA Customs Clearance offers consulting services and bonds that can help you understand the importation process even better. By working with a Licensed Customs Broker, you can easily get your mini diggers and excavators across the border.

What is the function of a Customs Broker? Well, a customs broker is a person that deals with helping companies and individuals ship and deliver items such as machinery from anywhere in the world to the borders of the intended country, such as the United States or anywhere in Europe. A custom Broker usually works at a customs brokerage firm and has a working knowledge of the regulations and rules required for shipping items from other countries around the world to the United States.

A custom broker usually receives money from a brokerage fee. The fee is determined based on the shipment value and a percentage of that value is taken as the Brokerage fee. Therefore, more expensive shipments would cost more.

MINDEN INTL is a one-stop sourcing solution for anyone looking to import anything from China. They provide free quotes and lower pricing directly from China manufacturing companies.

While it is not necessary to hire a customs broker to do your importation of mini excavators, it is an option that you can choose to explore. You can also contact us directly for more information.

We hope that the information in this article will be able to help you in one way or another.

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