Tips on How to Utilize Your Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are known for their excellent digging abilities. These machines are efficient to use in projects that require indoor operations. You can also use mini excavators if the project needs digging in tight spaces. However, only a few people are well-informed on how to use these machines. With the right attachments, this machine can perform various tasks. Thus, you can then achieve maximum profitability.

Aside from being smaller than standard excavators, mini excavators leave fewer track marks. These machines also lessen surface ground damage. Mini excavators can also be transported from one work site to another. These advantages make this machine less hassle to handle in crowded sites. Ultimately, mini excavators also have longer life spans than standard excavators.

One of the many reasons why people buy mini excavators is to avoid expensive rental costs. Excavator rental costs fall between $220 to $520 a day. Considering that number, it will truly leave a hole in your pocket if you rent an excavator for days. But truth be told, there are a lot of possible ways for you to maximize your mini excavators. If you are curious about it, you may refer to our guide below. Sit back as we give the most effective strategies on how to make money with mini excavators.

Mini Excavator Renting

It was already mentioned above that excavator rental costs are expensive. So if you were able to own one, the first thing you can do about it is rent it out! This is the perfect profit idea, especially if you want to earn money without doing anything. All you have to do is to set your rate and advertise your rental business. Easy, right?

The downside of this is you need extreme investment. The cost of one mini excavator is no joke — it can reach more than a hundred thousand dollars. You also have to think about the repair, cleaning, maintenance, and insurance costs. However, the expected profit return on renting out your mini excavator is high. This is because you can make use of different pricing approaches. Other than daily excavator rental rates, you can also employ hourly rates for small jobs. The industry is composed of different site projects. Having different price bundles will make your rental business more flexible. 

Another good thing about this is you can use your mini excavator on days that it is not up for rent. You can still do your small projects, let it be home or office renovations.

Participate in Community Snow Removals

One of the most grueling effects of winter is the pile of snow in your driveway. A mini excavator can perfectly move the snow off and is the right type of equipment to do so. You can charge for your services depending on the size of the driveway or your client’s location. If you can secure a group of houses in your community, you can surely make some good income. You can also offer discounts for repeat clients in order to encourage loyalty! 

However, there is one thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to snow clearing. You have to make sure that you are well aware of your machine. Some winter weather can be hard on heavy equipment. Always ensure that you are prepared for any possible scenarios. It is better to be ready than to meet unwanted incidents while you are in the middle of your work. Other than that, this tip is an excellent idea for places that experience winter. It also benefits your customers. They can get their driveways cleared while you get to earn money.

Small Demolition Jobs

Demolition jobs can be quite tedious. Hence, most big companies only entertain big demolition projects to secure their income. In that case, small demolition jobs clients are having a hard time finding an operator. They are challenged in looking for someone who can tear down that tiny portion. This is the time when you can perfectly enter the picture. 

Mini excavators are efficient in doing small demolition jobs. It can break concrete and asphalt driveways, trails, paths, swimming pools, and trails. It can also destroy sheds, garages, and fences. Basically, it can tear down any small structures. Big companies often charge expensive rates for these small projects. As a result, people are likely to turn into someone who can do the job at a cheaper rate. With that, make sure to advertise on social media. You can also endorse in your neighborhood that you can do any small demolition jobs. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tips. Satisfy one client in your community and expect that more will inquire about you in the future. 

Do Loading/Unloading Works

One of the first steps in earning income is to attract the people around you. To earn money with your mini excavator, stroll first in your neighborhood. Cater to local businesses and find ways how you can solve their problems by using this machine. Without a doubt, a lot of businesses would need some loading and unloading work. They need it in order for them to get by on their daily transactions. Be quick to inform them that you have the means to do so, offer them your rate, and voila! You are already one step closer to having a regular client.

Again, an effective marketing strategy will truly do wonders here. Be diligent in sharing your excavator services online. You can also make flyers, give them to any local businesses you see, and tell the owners to contact you anytime. You can also attend community events and interact with other people. That way, you can advertise your loading and unloading services.

One of the best platforms for advertising your services is Facebook. You can set up an account there for your possible clients to contact you.

Dig Rivers

It is already an open knowledge that mini excavators are best used for digging. But dig what? Well, the answer is simple: Dig rivers.

Digging rivers is the most in-demand job, and this machine is very much used for that work. Since the river is big and deep, it will take years for human workers to dig a truckload of granite. But with this machine, that can only be done in hours! 

Mini excavators raise the efficiency of the production of big companies. Surely, you can earn a decent income just by doing this. 

Install Pools/Tubs

Another common job for mini excavators is digging out holes for pool installation. If you are near subdivisions, this gig will truly earn you money. You can choose to charge them per hour or per project. Either way, you will secure your income after doing the job.

Other operators charge a delivery fee when it comes to moving their excavator from the base to the job site. It really depends on the intensity of the competition in your area. If you have a lot of competitors, try to keep up with their rates. Offer your clients discounts or extra services to lure them into you.

Buy and Sell Mini Excavators

I think you already know what this is about based on the title. Buy and sell is one of the most common methods if you want to earn a certain income in any business. Since there is high demand for mini excavators, buying and selling these machines is a good idea. However, there are still things that you must consider if you follow this tip.

First, you must invest. Buying and selling is an easy way to earn, but it also requires a great amount of money. You also cannot enter into this money-making strategy if you will only buy one mini excavator. You must have a number of mini excavator machines in different sizes and forms. That way, your clients can have a lot of items to choose from. You must also know how to find a reliable mini excavator manufacturer than can assist you in growing your business. That can help you get the best deals with high-quality mini excavators.

Second, you should have a good marketing strategy. If you are not effective in doing so, you will not reach multiple potential clients. You can set up a blog or create a social media page where you can interact with your customers. You can also post relevant updates to boost your engagements. There is a high chance for you to secure a client if you have a reputable account or site that they can browse on. 

You can set up your business website in WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. These platforms are famous among business owners.


Mini excavators are primarily designed to do digging activities. But their versatility has brought a whole new set of ideas when it comes to making money. 

If you are looking for ways to maximize your mini excavator, the 7 tips above are the best ways to do so. If specific ideas stuck with you after reading the guide, then focus on those and enhance them. You can also contact us to konw more, we can help you achieve your success.

Mini excavators are indeed a good source of income. However, keep in mind that they will not guarantee you instant success. It still takes wisdom and hard work if you want to sustain the income you have generated.


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